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Interview with Tobias Vetter

Tobias "Tobi" Vetter has been part of the faszinatour management team since the beginning of the year. After an intensive training period, he is gradually taking over more and more tasks from his father Werner Vetter, faszinatour founder and managing director.

Tobi, you grew up with faszinatour, what are your first memories of the company?

Good question, I vaguely remember the first rafting tours in Tyrol. At that time, however, it was still in Pfunds in combination with tipi overnight stays at the Schalklhof. I also remember the first ziplines and rope bridges that crossed the Inn back then.

Can you briefly outline your career?

I'd love to! I grew up in Burgberg in the Allgäu and went to school in Sonthofen. I graduated in 2012 and was happy to leave school behind for the time being. My first professional contact with faszinatour was during my school days as a high ropes course trainer in Bolsterlang. After finishing school, I needed money to finance my planned trip to Asia and worked for TRAINING EVENT SOLUTIONS at company events and team trainings all over Germany. I also continued to help out as a high ropes course trainer in faszinatour's own high ropes course. After a one year break and four months travelling, I started my studies in sports science and sports management in Innsbruck, where I studied and lived for the next four years. Ideally, I was also able to earn my "pocket money" here at faszinatour, this time as a raft guide on the Inn. After I finished my Bachelor's degree in 2017, it was off to Munich for me. To gain some work experience, I did a voluntary internship at a marketing agency that specialised in action sports. This was followed by a second internship at BMW Sportmarketing, where I was able to support various projects in the field of motorsport, Formula E. I then continued with a permanent position at Moving Adventures, known for the "European Outdoor Film Tour" and the "International Ocean Film Tour." There I took care of the location management for the tours all over Europe and was able to really learn a lot. At the end of 2019, I was drawn back to Allgäu when a suitable position arose at faszinatour. Since then I have been working in the different departments. For two years, I managed our ADVENTURE & SPORTS department, took care of the sales of the world novelty "Aqua Chimp" in the ADVENTURE PARK SOLUTIONS department and got to know the management - side by side with my father.

Have you always wanted to become a managing director at faszinatour?

No, that wasn't my goal when I started studying. And not afterwards either. I remember a conversation shortly after I graduated when my dad asked me if I would like to join now. At that time, it wasn't the right time for me. I wanted to gain work experience, see other companies and also live in another city once more. When I came back to Allgäu in 2019, the whole thing looked different. But it didn't really become concrete until 2020.

What three things are particularly important to you in your new job?  

Flexibility, motivation, ease.

Where is the journey going/what strategy are you pursuing until 2030?

I think we have to keep our finger on the pulse. faszinatour has always reacted to the needs of the market and thus evolved over the decades. If we maintain this strategy and manage to adapt to the rapidly changing trends, we are on the right track. Whether it is a pandemic, climate change or changes in tourism - we should be prepared and position ourselves accordingly.

What are your biggest challenges at the moment?

Of course, I have a lot of responsibility to deal with at the moment. It would be wrong to say that this leaves me cold. The pandemic in 2022 will certainly be a big challenge for all of us. I am confident that we will manage this time well, but I am also realistic that the right course must be set to strengthen the corporate event business in particular. Of course, it is also important at the moment to gain acceptance and appreciation in the company from the employees. I'm already following in pretty big footsteps. Most of the people here have been with me much longer than I have and know faszinatour very well - you can often take a leaf out of their book! But I'm quite confident that I'll be able to do it if I put my heart and soul into my new job!

Why do you come to work in the morning?

To go home at the end of the day with a grin on my face, knowing that you're working towards something that gives you pleasure and, in the best case scenario, helps other people progress. Whether it's the construction of an adventure park that opens up a new line of business for the operator or a team training course that motivates new trainees to start their business lives: knowing that a valuable result is being created for other people motivates me immensely! It is very important for me to do work that makes sense and where I can develop myself. Working mindlessly to earn money would be exactly the wrong thing for me.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love being outdoors! Whether it's snowboarding in winter or mountain biking and road cycling in summer. Travelling is also still one of my hobbies, although a little less than in my student days due to time constraints.

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