Kletterwald Travemünde: Adventure Park construction in the far north


We have already reported on the Travemünde Climbing Forest a couple of times this year. Everything seems to be perfect at the facility built at the beginning of 2022 at the Kalvarienberg in Travemünde - directly after the opening in May 2022, the operation started very well. The success is mainly due to the ambitious operators Nick Moritz and Tillmann Liden, who approached the project with heart and soul. With a family- and nature-friendly concept, the two have managed to realize a unique and authentic facility in the far north.


In record time, our hard-working construction team succeeded in completely erecting the Adventure Park in just ten days, despite the most adverse weather conditions with a lot of wind, freezing cold and rain. The result is a family-friendly forest rope park with seven different courses and a total of over 60 individual elements. As a special kick, visitors can "fly" a complete lap around the park on seven ziplines and dare a "base jump" from a height of 10 meters. The climbing fun takes place on several levels between very old trees. All platforms and other fixtures were designed to be deconstructable and do not interfere with the natural tree growth. Clearly defined entrances and exits ensure that the entire undergrowth remains untouched by encroachment over a large part of the area, and operating hours are seasonally restricted to protect a neighboring gray heron colony.

No one could have guessed how this project would take off! After the official opening in May 2022, operations spontaneously got off to a great start and the wonderfully warm summer contributed to consistently high visitor numbers. For the operators of the park, in addition to professional equipment and great climbing routes, an extremely important success factor is their highly trained and super motivated team, who passes on the "spirit" to the customers. By the end of October, around 10,000 guests had experienced the climbing park, including many schoolchildren with their classes.


    Surprise: 6th place in the nationwide ranking!

    The crowning achievement of all  efforts came as a surprise at the end of September 2022: The consumer portal "Testberichte" - Germany's largest independent comparison portal - listed the Kletterwald Travemünde in sixth place among 400 national climbing parks. Google reviews of facilities with at least 100 entries were evaluated for the ranking. Visitors mentioned "the family-friendly atmosphere, the varied routes as well as the breathtaking atmosphere, the high-quality materials and the patient, empathetic staff" in a particularly positive light, rating the facility in Travemünde with 4.9 out of a possible five stars. And if you take it very closely, Travemünde even landed in second place nationwide, because the first four facilities rated are bouldering parks or halls and only the Chiemgauer Hochseilgarten is still ahead of the climbing park Travemünde as a comparable facility.

    And what happens next?

    The two young entrepreneurs have already made further plans. "An expansion of the existing park (by faszinatour) is planned for 2023. A difficult course is to be built on the existing area, which is demanding in terms of coordination and requires a lot of climbing with body tension," says Nick Moritz.

    We wish the two northern lights every success in their future endeavors and thank them for their trust!

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