From operator to builder of parks and internationally recognized consultant

At faszinatour ADVENTURE PARK SOLUTIONS, we build and now maintain high ropes courses, climbing forests, Sky Trails®, playgrounds and ziplines throughout Europe, plus we provide certified training courses, carry out inspections and advise investors on adventure park and destination development projects.

Find out how faszinatour went from running its own high ropes course to becoming an internationally recognized consultant for adventure park and destination concepts in the following timeline.

1997 - Construction of our first high ropes course

With the support of the former Chairman of the U.S. American High Ropes Course Association ACCT, we build the first multi-functional high ropes course in the German Allgäu in 1997. Because of its multi-functional design it can be used not only in the classical sense of experiential learning, but also for tourism, corporate and group events. This was the trigger for high ropes courses being built in Germany and other European countries. 

1998 - Founding of ERCA

We became a member of the ACCT, so that we could be constantly informed about the latest developments in the high ropes courses. At the same time, we developed the American construction standards to fit European requirements. We developed a structural analysis model that allowed us to integrate our systems into virtually any terrain. In 1998, we participated actively in the creation of the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) and helped to design many of the construction and operating standards for the new association.

2003 - Flying high in high ropes courses

In co-operation with American engineers, we develop a high ropes course out of steel with a “continuous belay” safety system: The first “Sky Trail®” is produced in Germany. 

2005 – Sky Trail® goes outdoor

We plan and build the very first outdoor Sky Trail® for the third-largest theme park in Germany. The "Navajo Trail - Path of the chiefs" has thrilled thousands of visitors every year since then at the Hansa-Park with its unique concept and design. 

2006 - On top of the woods

We built the first two ropes courses integrated into forests, which we operate ourselves. For our clients we create new concepts for climbing forests and build them.

At the same time we work on a uniform European standard for high ropes courses and thus set new safety standards in the industry.  As a consultant of suppliers to the industry, as well as part of the team actively developing the Austrian industry standards for ropes courses, we have always placed safety issues first.

2007 - Adventure Park boom in Germany

After a successful design phase we build six adventure parks in forests in Germany and Austria that meet our strict quality standards.

2008 - Winner of the Outdoor Industry Award

A topic close to out hearts is the safety of our customers. The constant striving for better solutions over the years leads to the development of the faszinatour Smart Belay which we introduce in summer 2008: a revolutionary self-communicating belay system, which makes the accidental opening and complete detachment from the safety cable in a ropes course virtually impossible.  This gives more safety to customers and visitors of all ropes courses - and makes us the winner of the prestigious Outdoor Industry Award for the highest level of innovation and outstanding design. 

2009 - Congratulations on the 100th high ropes course

In January 2009 faszinatour built its first high ropes park (at the same time it´s the 100th high ropes course) in the Black Forest in the town of Nagold. Built on 35 wooden masts, some up to to 14 meters tall, makes it one of the largest rope courses of its kind in Europe. As a variation of the popular climbing forest this innovative high ropes course is built on open terrain.

2011 - Children's adventure forest, Mega Fox & Co.

After successful development work we are now looking forward to the realization of children's adventure forests, suspension bridges, viewing platforms and “Mega Foxes” - all ideal extensions for high ropes courses and recreational facilities.

2012 - SkyTrail® systems conquer the market

After several years of pioneering work in establishing SkyTrail® courses in the European market, gigantic projects confirm our original vision.

In July 2012 we build the largest SkyTrail in Europe in Andorra! Together with our American partners Ropes Courses, Inc. we realize the first SkyTrail® models on cruise ships.

2013 – SkyTrail® goes urban!

With the product SkyTrail®, which is worldwide unique, it is now possible to offer high ropes adventures in the middle of the city.

In spring 2013 a SkyTrail® in Vienna's Prater was built. Another SkyTrail® was constructed in a highly frequented shopping center in the Czech Republic. Both sites achieve a throuput rate of 60 to 100 participants per hour.

2014 – Service standards that go the extra mile

As a pioneer in the industry, faszinatour responds to the growing demand for expert services by being the first to offer a comprehensive range of services for all ropes course operators. Personalized support, quick and efficient solutions for individual issues, and special technical training courses are the focal point of the new business unit from this point forward.

2015 – From single attraction to complete leisure facility concepts

In the year of its anniversary, faszinatour decides to pool the expertise it has gained from 30 years of business as a rafting provider, an event service provider and a company that builds and operators its own outdoor centers. The company starts to offer impartial technical advice for investors in the leisure industry who are looking to develop adventure area and destination concepts.

2016 – No restraints

The relentless popularity of climbing areas constantly motivates us to develop new attractions. Turning our attention to children’s specific needs this year, we create our first ever high ropes climbing area according to the playground standard EN 1176 with netting and double floor. The “climbing maze” is a place where little ones can climb up high without the need for expensive and cumbersome safety devices, offering enormous added value for the operator.

2017 - Spot on holistic concepts

The focus is shifting more and more to holistic projects in which construction types are combined with each other. A good example of this is our adventure park in the Jochen Schweizer Arena, which also presents a novelty: here, for the first time, a zipline course with a continuous safety system and parallel slides was realised.   

2018 - Thanks Finland for our 10th adventure park and welcome Norway

We are celebrating the completion of our 10th Adventure Park in Finland. It features many different types of constructions from Climbing Forest, Children's Adventure Forest to High Ropes Park and Zipline course. We build our first Adventure Park in Norway and organise an operators' meeting for all international customers at our Outdoor Centre in Haiming/Tyrol, where great synergy effects are created.  

2019 - kalí méra Greece

Adventure Parks continue to conquer Europe. In the wonderfully located "SaniResort" we build our first Adventure Park in beautiful Greece and another one is added in Hove, Norway.   

2020 - Ropes Course fun on the water

The first fully floating ropes course "Aqua Chimp" opens in Delamere, Great Britain and offers a unique climbing adventure for visitors of all ages. faszinatour takes over the Europe-wide distribution for this world novelty developed together with Adventure Lakes.   

A new visitor magnet is created in Winterberg in Hochsauerland: a unique Mega Zipline. On two parallel slides with lengths of 420 and 390 metres, visitors can experience unforgettable moments together. 

2023 - award winning Net Islands

We focus on the product 'Net Parks', providing opportunities to meaningfully integrate unused spaces indoors and outdoors into existing and new projects, while simultaneously reaching an expanded target audience.

Together with Thommy Gradl, we win the pitch in November 23 at the Vertical Pro trade fair in Friedrichshafen, securing the Innovation Award for Net Islands.

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