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The urgency to actively engage in climate protection and sustainability is growing and with it the demand on ourselves to set an example here in the construction industry and in tourism. We believe that we are on the right path, the beginning has been made. Because even with small steps we can contribute to change. Find out here what we are doing in practice to further improve our eco-balance step by step.



Wood is our main source of material. Our poles are mainly made of robinia or larch, which gives the parks a very organic look, is weatherproof, durable and a renewable raw material. For our Adventure Park elements we mainly use wooden parts or recycled plastics.

Design focus

For the sake of the environment, we try to design our parks as ecologically as possible, so we make a point of using few foundations and, where possible, integrating the tree population - of course only under the highest
standards of tree care! Always with an eye on easy and safe operation, we integrate local components into the appearance of the surroundings.


To ensure sustainability when operating an adventure park, we have teamed up with top companies from Germany and Austria.

  • We source our wooden poles from suppliers who place great value on forestry certifications, such as PEFC or FSC, in order to meet the criteria of sustainable forest management.
  • We use steel ropes from the Austrian family-owned company TEUFELBERGER, a diversified, international group that has successfully specialised in fibre ropes, steel wire ropes and strapping. Innovation, continuous growth, and geographic expansion are firmly defined goals in the group's strategy.
  • The faszinatour team is equipped by VAUDE, which is considered one of the most sustainable outdoor companies in Europe and has received several awards for prudent management and actions. Vaude has been completely climate neutral since 2022.
  • EDELRID is considered a pioneer in harness and belay technology. We have been sourcing both participant and guide equipment from Edelrid for 15 years.
Leisure park construction
We have been designing and building leisure facilities throughout Europe since 1997, always in line with the highest international standards.
Inspection, maintenance & repairs
Besides the annual inspection service we focus on personal consultation and fast, effective and efficient solutions "in-house" for all individual issues!
Training for staff
Stay on top of all the latest developments in facility safety and safety technology with our faszinatour training courses, always with first-rate supporting documents.
Supplies & replacement parts
faszinatour is closely involved in the development of safety equipment. Benefit from our partnerships and our wealth of experience when you purchase your supplies.

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