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Our team - your contact persons faszinatour Adventure Park Solutions

Werner Vetter
Werner Vetter CEO of faszinatour GmbH

CEO of faszinatour GmbH, adventure park and destination development, park construction consultant

+49 (0) 8323 96 56 - 0 Werner.Vetter@faszinatour.de

From adventure travel specialist to CEO

It all began with a small rafting company, which Werner turned into a multifaceted company over the years thanks to his pioneering spirit. His ability to see the “total picture” was essential back when he worked on the river, and it has come to play an important role in his work managing ADVENTURE PARK SOLUTIONS. Spending time with his family and outdoor activities are his favorite hobbies. He loves sports such as cycling, kayaking, climbing and off-piste skiing.

Bernd Strobach
Bernd Strobach Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wood Technology, ERCA inspector, ropes course trainer (ERCA)

Head of Department at faszinatour ADVENTURE PARK SOLUTIONS consulting services, project management & technical implementation of ropes courses in trees

+49 (0) 8323 96 56 - 35 Bernd.Strobach@faszinatour.de

Full steam ahead

Bernd is as enthusiastic about making his customers’ project wishes a reality as he is about lots of adventure sports. He loves working in the faszinatour team alongside his laid-back yet highly motivated colleagues. His work as the head of department for ADVENTURE PARK SOLUTIONS takes him all over Europe, which works in very nicely indeed with his love of travel. He finds time for this passion in his spare time by getting involved in snow sports, watersports and mountain activities.

Alexander Zink
Alexander Zink Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), tree assessor (VTA), low rope elements & toolbox trainer, state-approved raft guide

Technical processing & consulting: forest ropes courses, high ropes courses & 3D simulations

+49 (0) 8323 96 56 - 16 Alexander.Zink@faszinatour.de

Outdoor activities and technology

Alexander’s journey to faszinatour involved various training courses to become a raft guide and an outdoor trainer. What he loves most about his job is the team spirit and all the different ways it allows him to grow and develop personally. Visualizing customers’ projects at an early stage in a 3D presentation is his favorite task. He can often be found having a great time skateboarding, skiing, riding his mountain bike or climbing mountains with friends in his free time.

Tobias Vetter
Tobias Vetter BSc. Sports Science, certified Raftingguide

Project management

+49 (0) 8323 9656-17 Tobias.Vetter@faszinatour.de
Anja Lauble
Anja Lauble Project management ADVENTURE PARK SOLUTIONS

Inspection, service, maintenance, shop

+49 (0)8323 9656-26 Anja.Lauble@faszinatour.de
Jürgen Mayer
Jürgen Mayer Experienced construction site manager and outdoor trainer

Adventure park site management & team organization, maintenance & inspection, expert PPE tester

Thomas GradlThomas Gradl
Thomas Gradl Ropes course inspector (IAPA, ERCA), site manager, certified trainer (IAPA, ERCA), TÜV-certified specialist in safe playgrounds according to DIN EN 1176, expert PPE tester, experienced outdoor trainer

Inspection, construction & training courses for all types of ropes courses, playground development

+49 (0) 8323 96 56 - 26 thomas.gradl@faszinatour.de
Sepp Reiter Master carpenter, certified playground inspector ( DIN EN 1176)

Adventure park site management & team organization, maintenance & inspection

George Materis
George Materis Certified trainer (IAPA, ERCA, RCI), experienced outdoor trainer, event project manager

Adventure park instructor

Heike Catford
Heike Catford Certified trainer (IAPA, ERCA, RCI), experienced outdoor trainer, event project manager

Adventure park instructor

Neil Newton Taylor
Neil Newton Taylor certified trainer (IAPA & ERCA), experienced outdoor trainer, raft guide course leader, kayak trainer (BCU), swiftwater rescue instructor

Adventure park instructor

Jochen Brischke
Jochen Brischke Certified trainer (IAPA & ERCA), Owner of the Karlsruhe forest ropes course

Adventure park instructor

Benno Wechs
Benno Wechs ERCA-certified trainer, certified adventure educationalist, systemic consultant and coach, Bavarian Mountain Rescue Service instructor

Adventure park instructor

Stefan Heinzelmann
Stefan Heinzelmann ERCA-certified trainer, qualified sports teacher, state-approved ski instructor and guide, event project manager, outdoor trainer

Adventure park instructor