Planning and project phases "If you don't think things through, you end up putting a lot of money down."

There are so many ingenious visions waiting for the right implementation. With faszinatour it succeeds! Because with our know-how, decades of experience and countless realised projects, we support you from the very beginning. Together we channel your wishes and ideas into a successful business model.



1 Orientation

The first discussion is about clarifying fundamental questions that form the actual foundation for a successful project.

2 Concept

Once the basic conditions have been clarified, we combine them with your vision and provide you with technology- and manufacturer-independent advice on current outdoor and indoor attractions and, if necessary, combinable profit centres on your site or in your destination. This involves product identification, guest structures and the operating concept. On this basis, we create your tailor-made offer.

3 Planning

We survey your site and start the actual planning. Optionally, we visualise your future facility so that you are "in the picture" at an early stage.

4 Implementation

Once the contract has been signed and the building permit has been issued, we start the construction work. You can look forward to this, because normally we are faster than planned! We are happy to be your single point of contact for all matters and take responsibility for the project realisation up to the start of operation.

5 Services

Even after the completion of your Adventure Park, we will accompany you with services such as training, inspections and operating materials.


Planning reliability through professional project handling

  • Professional project handling with transparent calculation, short construction times with guaranteed completion date
  • Entrepreneurial advice, market analyses and forecast of profitability
  • Advantages in purchasing, inspection, maintenance and practical information at first hand through integration in the faszinatour network
  • Diverse design and expansion options ensure the lasting interest of a broad target group

Your questions:

  • What kind of adventure park suits my wishes?
  • What is feasible at my location?
  • Which terrain is needed for my vision?
  • What is the investment and time frame?
  • Who is my target group?
  • What visitor numbers can I expect?
  • How can my park be customized?
  • How does an adventure park complement the existing attractions?
  • Can I count on subsidies?
  • What is my expected return on investment?
  • What is the first step when my park is completed?

Our solutions:

We do not leave you alone: from your first vision to the finished Adventure Park, we won’t let you down. We visualize your adventure park for a clear image of the expected design. We plan on sight, survey positions and share our know-how to realize your ideas. We support you with approval processes and other regulatory questions. You will receive your individual concept proposal with a custom-made offer. Even after the completion of your adventure park, we accompany you with services such as training, inspections and operating material.


Leisure park construction
We have been designing and building leisure facilities throughout Europe since 1997, always in line with the highest international standards.
Inspection, maintenance & repairs
Besides the annual inspection service we focus on personal consultation and fast, effective and efficient solutions "in-house" for all individual issues!
Training for staff
Stay on top of all the latest developments in facility safety and safety technology with our faszinatour training courses, always with first-rate supporting documents.
Supplies & replacement parts
faszinatour is closely involved in the development of safety equipment. Benefit from our partnerships and our wealth of experience when you purchase your supplies.

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