You can count on us! How faszinatour’s Adventure Park Solutions can benefit you

Provide exciting adventure experiences for your visitors or guests: with the right leisure facilities to suit your needs! We have been designing and building recreational facilities, adventure parks, high ropes courses, climbing forests, ziplines and adventure playgrounds all over Europe since 1997, always in line with the highest international standards.

Drawing on decades of experience with over 240 projects executed and more than 130 highly qualified members of staff who love their job and put their all into outdoor activities, we have gained the sort of industry knowledge that goes way beyond purely technical issues in leisure facility projects. We see the finer details and the way all the relevant factors come together to determine how successful an investment is in the long run. We point out the stumbling blocks along the way and give you impartial advice on the technology available. We happily support you every step of the way, from the initial idea and developing a concept through to planning, construction, training and maintenance.

From a single source – at your request! How we make your dream adventure park a reality: with a unique concept that’s tailored specifically to your needs and is sure to enthrall your guests. Safe, long-lasting and profitable.

Successful solutions based on decades of experience in the market!

  • Professional consulting from industry experts: We guarantee customized end-to-end concepts that promise long-term success and make sound financial sense
  • High resolution 3D visualization: use of modern renderings for presentation and marketing possibilities at an early stage
  • Compliance with the highest safety standards: construction methods guaranteed to comply with the applicable standards, TÜV (certification agency) seal for all faszinatour parks, ERCA-certified training body
  • Only the best quality: We use premium materials produced by brand-name manufacturers
  • Service plus: Your expert partner for the whole product life cycle

Professional project management for reliable planning!

  • Reliable planning and costs: Professional project management with transparent calculations and short construction periods with a guaranteed completion date
  • Corporate consulting, market analyses and profitability forecasts for the designated location
  • Advantageous purchasing, inspection, maintenance and practical first-hand information to be gained from joining the faszinatour network
  • Varied options for expanding and developing ensure access to a broad target group over the long term

Creative design for the perfect setting!

  • Showcase your adventure parks in the perfect light by incorporating scenic features or other special structural features
  • Creative concepts for themes, stories and adventure elements
  • Pick up on current trends and design innovative, exciting attractions
  • Tailor-made designs and meticulous details with imaginative craftsmanship

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Leisure park construction
We have been designing and building leisure facilities throughout Europe since 1997, always in line with the highest international standards. Which types of facilities do we build?
Inspection, maintenance & repairs
Besides the annual inspection service we focus on personal consultation and fast, effective and efficient solutions "in-house" for all individual issues!
Training for staff
Stay on top of all the latest developments in facility safety and safety technology with our faszinatour training courses, always with first-rate supporting documents.
Supplies & replacement parts
faszinatour is closely involved in the development of safety equipment. Benefit from our partnerships and our wealth of experience when you purchase your supplies.