Services Maintenance, inspections & staff training

You’ll find a partner you can rely on here at faszinatour. We go above and beyond building recreational facilities, offering an exclusive range of services both for our construction clients and for operators of third-party facilities. This covers everything from annual maintenance to repair work, replacement materials and even staff training. We carry out more than 50 inspections every year, plus we have checked well over 1000 sites and held countless training courses since we first opened. Now you can benefit from all the experience we have gained, along with our competitive purchasing conditions and our network!

Inspection, maintenance & repairs:

First of all, the industry standard states that ropes course operators are required to comply with set intervals for maintenance work. But at the same time, professional maintenance and repairs also extend the useful life of the course and increase the level of safety in the facilities.

Our experts are on hand to give you honest advice and keep you in the loop at all times. The services we provide are guaranteed to offer real added value for operators: we’re talking about services that are about so much more than just the formalities. With over 2000 inspections carried out to date, here at faszinatour we have one of Europe’s most experienced and extensively trained inspectors on our side in the form of Thomas Gradl.

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Training courses for rescue workers, instructors & technical managers

We provide an average of 26 training courses for rescue workers and instructors in various types of facilities each year. With all these training sessions, we’ve trained just short of 9000 people in total over the last two decades.
On top of all this, we have also started to offer technical training in recent years to help operators carry out certain kinds of maintenance and repair work on their own courses.

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Our complete care package revolves around providing personalized support, delivering quick and efficient solutions to individual problems and offering technical training for our clients.

Any operators looking to extend the range of services they offer or outdoor trainers wanting to broaden the scope of their work should take a look at the faszinatour academy, which offers training in all sorts of professions, from process trainers to raft guides. > Go to the faszinatour ACADEMY

Operating material & spare parts

As pioneers in Adenture Park construction, we have been involved in the development of safety equipment for decades. You too can benefit from our expertise and the relationship with our cooperation partners in the procurement of operating materials!

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Solutions for external representation

The successful operation of an Adventure Park depends on the visitors! And so that they know that you and your facility exist, we have put together various service packages to make and keep your park visible and known to the outside world.

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Inspection, maintenance & repairs
Besides the annual inspection service we focus on personal consultation and fast, effective and efficient solutions "in-house" for all individual issues!
Training for staff
Stay on top of all the latest developments in facility safety and safety technology with our faszinatour training courses, always with first-rate supporting documents.
Supplies & replacement parts
faszinatour is closely involved in the development of safety equipment. Benefit from our partnerships and our wealth of experience when you purchase your supplies.