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faszinatour is closely involved in the development of safety equipment. Benefit from our partnerships, our wealth of experience and our preferential prices when you purchase your supplies.

Rather than running an online shop in the traditional sense, our aim is to give you professional support when it comes to choosing your individually tailored supplies. You can take a look at the standard products we recommend to our customers on our website. There is also a shopping list feature, which you can use to let us know your order request via the request form. Once we have checked your request, we will send you a binding offer and you can confirm your order in a legally binding agreement. If you have any questions, just get in touch or call us and we will be happy to advise you.

Please note: All prices are exclusive of VAT.

The minimun order is 100 euro net (before tax). For every order under the amount of 100 euro net (before tax), a minimum quantity surchage of 25 euro (before tax) will be charged.

Stated prices apply EXCLUSIVELY TO FASZINATOUR ADVENTURE PARK SOLUTIONS CUSTOMERS. External customers may order from faszinatour, too - prices upon request.

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Connecting elements

Smart Belay X
Smart Belay X Smart Belay X - OPTIMUM SAFETY ON HIGH ROPES COURSES! from € 399,00
Cupid NEW
Cupid NEW Connecting ring for use in lanyards. price per item € 18,80
Cupid Swivel NEW
Cupid Swivel NEW A screwable swivel for lanyards. price per item € 56,50
Tie in Loop
Tie in Loop Lightweight, fast connection of Smart Belay to a harness. price per item € 6,30
Smart Belay Holster
Smart Belay Holster Practical holding device for storing Smart Belay on Radialis and Radialis Click. price per item € 3,10
Pilot Bar
Pilot Bar Pilot bar for support during the course and to ensure correct landing on the zip line. price per item € 27,60
Checking station - Smart Belay (Wall mountet)
Checking station - Smart Belay (Wall mountet) Checking station for an easier functional testing of the Smart Belay and Smart Belay X. price per item € 66,00
Torque Wrench 4 - 20 Nm
Torque Wrench 4 - 20 Nm EDELRID's torque wrench. price per item € 162,10
Switch Pro Y-Static
Switch Pro Y-Static Classic lanyard for high ropes courses and adventure parks. price per item € 39,80
Screwlink Certified oval steel screw link. from € 5,20


Vector Hip
Vector Hip The hip belt module for the VECTOR system. Lightweight, comfortable and with extensive features. price per item € 147,40
Vector Chest Y
Vector Chest Y The VECTOR CHEST Y was developed in the classic Y-structure. In combination with the VECTOR HIP, it… price per item € 81,00
Radialis Comp III
Radialis Comp III Radialis Comp II is a classic full body harness with step in design. price per item € 81,50
Radialis Comp Junior III
Radialis Comp Junior III Classic full body harness with a step in design for juniors. price per item € 81,50
Radialis Pro Adjust
Radialis Pro Adjust Innovative harness for high ropes courses and adventure parks. price per item € 94,10
Kids' Harness Fraggle III
Kids' Harness Fraggle III A unique full body harness with jointed padding for the children up to 40 kg. price per item € 40,80


Performance Static
Performance Static Combines superb abrasion resistance and low elongation with excellent handling. from € 49,00
Accessory Cord Multicord
Accessory Cord Multicord EDELRID’s classic, very hard-wearing accessory cord with low elongation and excellent knotability. price per item € 26,00


D-Classic 3000 Screw
D-Classic 3000 Screw A power pack among the aluminium carabiners. price per item € 12,50
D-Classic 3000 Triple
D-Classic 3000 Triple A power pack among the aluminium carabiners. price per item € 18,40
HMS Magnum Screw
HMS Magnum Screw Easy-to-handle aluminium carabiner with keylock closure mechanism. price per item € 12,50
HMS Magnum Triple
HMS Magnum Triple HMS carabiner with larger design. price per item € 18,40
Steel Oval Screw
Steel Oval Screw Easy-to-handle steel carabiner for various applications. price per item € 8,80
Steel Strong Triple
Steel Strong Triple Steel carabiner with large gate opening and high safety reserve. Very high strength in both… price per item € 20,60
Steel HMS Triple
Steel HMS Triple Classic HMS Screw Gate carabiner made of hardened steel. price per item € 19,20


Ultralight III
Ultralight III The classic helmet. Our popular classic has received an update. price per item € 37,60
Ultralight Junior III
Ultralight Junior III The junior version of the ULTRALIGHT also comes in a new look. It offers the same safety reserves as… price per item € 37,60
Shield II
Shield II Lightweight and robust softshell helmet with innovative closure system and excellent ventilation.… price per item € 61,00
Kid's Shield II
Kid's Shield II Our popular softshell helmet with a stylish design perfect for children. price per item € 49,50
Zodiac II
Zodiac II Lightweight and extremely stable hybrid helmet. price per item € 45,70


Petzl TRAC GUIDE LT Trolley designed for adventure parks. price per item € 96,30
Petzl TRAC GUIDE Trolley designed for adventure parks. price per item € 106,70
Vertigo Wire-Lock
Vertigo Wire-Lock Carabiner for pulleys and lanyards. price per item € 16,50
Rail - double pulley
Rail - double pulley Ball bearing-mounted double pulley for use on steel cables or static ropes. price per item € 56,90
Turn - deflection pulley
Turn - deflection pulley Small, practical pulley for use in block and tackle systems, tensioned rope ways and similar. price per item € 17,80
Caritool Tool holder for harnesses. from € 6,10

Belays and descender devices

Edelrid Safe Descent
Edelrid Safe Descent Innovative, compact descent and rescue device that is ideal for Adventure parks from € 725,60
JAG RESCUE KIT Reversible rescue kit. from € 512,40

Free-fall devices and braking systems

zipSTOP - braking system
zipSTOP - braking system Self-regulating magnetic braking system with innovative braking system. price per item € 5.099,00
QUICKFLIGHT XL - free fall device
QUICKFLIGHT XL - free fall device The feeling of free falling - but with a safe and gentle landing. from € 4.699,00

Accessories & spare parts

Staples (smooth)
Staples (smooth) Ideal for fixation of steel ropes in a high ropes course. from € 7,00
Staples (grooved)
Staples (grooved) Ideal for the ascent at a tree trunk. from € 8,00
Removable Steps (galvanized)
Removable Steps (galvanized) Designed for ascents in a high ropes course. from € 29,00
First aid kit
First aid kit A must have  price per item € 271,90
Rope Tooth Single Hand Knife
Rope Tooth Single Hand Knife High-quality stainless steel knife. from € 15,00


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