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Connecting elements

Smart Belay X
Smart Belay X Smart Belay X - OPTIMUM SAFETY ON HIGH ROPES COURSES! from € 339,00
Smart Belay
Smart Belay Smart Belay - A revolution in the self belaying product sector! from € 334,00
Conecto Swivel
Conecto Swivel A screwable swivel for lanyards. from € 33,00
Conecto Connecting ring for use in lanyards. from € 15,00
Tie in Loop
Tie in Loop Lightweight, fast connection of Smart Belay to a harness. from € 6,00
Smart Belay Holster
Smart Belay Holster Practical holding device for storing Smart Belay on Radialis and Radialis Click. from € 3,00
Pilot Bar
Pilot Bar Pilot bar for support during the course and to ensure correct landing on the zip line. from € 26,00
Checking station - Smart Belay (Wall mountet)
Checking station - Smart Belay (Wall mountet) Checking station for an easier functional testing of the Smart Belay and Smart Belay X. from € 66,00
Torque Wrench 4 - 20 Nm
Torque Wrench 4 - 20 Nm EDELRID's torque wrench. from € 128,00
Switch Pro Y-Static
Switch Pro Y-Static Classic lanyard for high ropes courses and adventure parks. from € 31,00
Screwlink Certified oval steel screw link. from € 4,00


Vector Hip
Vector Hip The hip belt module for the VECTOR system. Lightweight, comfortable and with extensive features. from € 123,50
Vector Chest Y
Vector Chest Y The VECTOR CHEST Y was developed in the classic Y-structure. In combination with the VECTOR HIP, it… from € 69,00
Radialis Comp II
Radialis Comp II Radialis Comp II is a classic full body harness with step in design. from € 70,00
Radialis Comp Junior II
Radialis Comp Junior II Classic full body harness with a step in design for juniors. from € 70,00
Radialis Click II
Radialis Click II Classic webbing harness with a new design. from € 82,00
Radialis Click Junior II
Radialis Click Junior II Classic webbing harness with a new design. from € 82,00
Radialis Click
Radialis Click Tried and tested webbing harness. from € 88,00
Radialis Pro Adjust
Radialis Pro Adjust Innovative harness for high ropes courses and adventure parks. from € 88,00
Radialis Pro
Radialis Pro Innovative harness for high ropes courses and adventure parks. from € 76,00
Kids' Harness Fraggle II
Kids' Harness Fraggle II A unique full body harness with jointed padding for the children up to 40 kg. from € 39,00
Chest Ascender Kit
Chest Ascender Kit Chest ascender for the Core and Core CL. from € 46,00
Core Screw D-Kit
Core Screw D-Kit Side eyelets for the Core and Core CL for connection to the textile, side eyelets (EN 358). from € 27,00


Safety Super II
Safety Super II The static workhorse in the EDELRID stable. from € 73,00
Safety Super II 11 mm (with 1 loop)
Safety Super II 11 mm (with 1 loop) The static workhorse in the EDELRID stable - looped and sewn at one end. from € 111,00
Performance Static
Performance Static Combines superb abrasion resistance and low elongation with excellent handling. from € 49,00
Accessory Cord Powerloc Expert
Accessory Cord Powerloc Expert Versatile multicords for a wide range of uses. from € 22,50
Accessory Cord Multicord
Accessory Cord Multicord EDELRID’s classic, very hard-wearing accessory cord with low elongation and excellent knotability. from € 26,00


D-Classic 3000 Screw
D-Classic 3000 Screw A power pack among the aluminium carabiners. from € 12,00
D-Classic 3000 Triple
D-Classic 3000 Triple A power pack among the aluminium carabiners. from € 17,00
HMS Magnum Screw
HMS Magnum Screw Easy-to-handle aluminium carabiner with keylock closure mechanism. from € 11,50
HMS Magnum Triple
HMS Magnum Triple HMS carabiner with larger design. from € 15,50
Steel Oval Screw
Steel Oval Screw Easy-to-handle steel carabiner for various applications. from € 6,80
Steel Strong Triple
Steel Strong Triple Steel carabiner with large gate opening and high safety reserve. Very high strength in both… from € 16,80
Steel HMS Triple
Steel HMS Triple Classic HMS Screw Gate carabiner made of hardened steel. from € 17,50


Ultralight 2021
Ultralight 2021 The classic helmet. Our popular classic has received an update. from € 32,00
Ultralight Junior 2021
Ultralight Junior 2021 The junior version of the ULTRALIGHT also comes in a new look. It offers the same safety reserves as… from € 32,00
Zodiac Lightweight and extremely stable hybrid helmet. from € 42,00
Kid's Shield 2021
Kid's Shield 2021 Our popular softshell helmet with a stylish design perfect for children. from € 46,00
Petzl ELIOS CLUB Durable multi-purpose helmet. from € 42,00


Petzl TRAC GUIDE Trolley designed for adventure parks. from € 98,00
Vertigo Wire-Lock
Vertigo Wire-Lock Carabiner for pulleys and lanyards. from € 14,50
Petzl TRAC Pulley
Petzl TRAC Pulley Drop-proof pulley for Tyrolean traverses. from € 75,00
Petzl TRAC Plus
Petzl TRAC Plus Drop-proof pulley for long Tyrolean traverses. from € 93,00
Rail - double pulley
Rail - double pulley Ball bearing-mounted double pulley for use on steel cables or static ropes. from € 47,00
Turn - deflection pulley
Turn - deflection pulley Small, practical pulley for use in block and tackle systems, tensioned rope ways and similar. from € 14,50
Caritool Tool holder for harnesses. from € 5,50

Belays and descender devices

Edelrid Safe Descent 2019
Edelrid Safe Descent 2019 Innovative, compact descent and rescue device that is ideal for Adventure parks from € 696,00
ALF The ALF is an innovative fall arrester with integrated centrifugal brakes. from € 330,00
JAG RESCUE KIT Reversible rescue kit. from € 426,00

Free-fall devices and braking systems

QUICKjump - free fall device
QUICKjump - free fall device The feeling of free falling - but with a safe and gentle landing. from € 3.475,00
zipSTOP - braking system
zipSTOP - braking system Self-regulating magnetic braking system with innovative braking system. from € 4.914,00

Accessories & spare parts

Staples (smooth)
Staples (smooth) Ideal for fixation of steel ropes in a high ropes course. from € 7,00
Staples (grooved)
Staples (grooved) Ideal for the ascent at a tree trunk. from € 8,00
Removable Steps (galvanized)
Removable Steps (galvanized) Designed for ascents in a high ropes course. from € 29,00
First aid kit
First aid kit A must have  from € 190,00
Rope Tooth Single Hand Knife
Rope Tooth Single Hand Knife High-quality stainless steel knife. from € 15,00

Hands-on learning & events

Mobile Teambox
Mobile Teambox Our mobile Teambox - with numerous team tasks! from € 625,00
Mobile Spiderweb (XLarge)
Mobile Spiderweb (XLarge) One of the best known team exercices is now mobile! from € 235,00