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Mobile Teambox

Our mobile Teambox - with numerous team tasks, all made of durable material. Thus all the tasks can be performed indoor or outdoor.

The Teambox elements come in a weather-resistant box which contains the following objects: 4 foldable sticks for the spiderweb, 2 bases for the spiderweb, 1 XL spiderweb, 1 magic wand, 1 flying carpet (tarpaulin), 1 bullring with metal ring, 1 bullring with rubber ring, 1 starting and 1 landing platform for the bullring, 2 plastic balls for the bullring, 3 things to lift (2 bottles, 1 softball), 1 climbing rope 20 meters, 1 climbing rope 15 meters, 15 pieces of rope - each 2 meters long, 1 climbing harness, 1 carabiner, 1 treasure chest, 9 sticks, 15 blindfolds, 1 handbook.

The following team tasks are explained in the handbook and can be performed with the objects listed above: Spiderweb, Electric Fence, Piranha Lake, Bullring, Magic Wand, Flying Carpet, Blind Square, Star und Santa's House, Ball Transport, Knots, Rope People, Gordian Knot, Tied Up, Tie a Bow, Traffic Jam, Trust Pendulum, Walk of Trust.

The task explanations in the handbook state the task's intention (e.g. warm-up, cooperation or trust), the possible group size, the time frame, the material which is needed for the task, explanation of the task performance itself, possible variants of the task and further remarks.

Mobile Teambox
art. no.: 010117 price per item: € 625,00

12,- € plus VAT for packing & shipping.

Packmaß: ca. 60cm x 40cm x 35 cm
Gewicht: ca. 10 Kg
Aufbau- und Nutzungsanleitung liegt bei

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