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QUICKjump - free fall device

The feeling of free falling but with a safe and gentle landing. This descent
/ free fall device was specially designed for all kinds of climbing halls /
walls or rope parks. Taking the technology of the entire REDROCK series
one step further, this device promises a real sense of free falling. Up to 90
persons can descend every hour. Thanks to the reliable, touch-free magnetic
braking technology, there is little wear. The QUICKjump only
requires regular self-inspection and an inexpensive annual inspection by
BORNACK. Simple assembly means the device can be used very quickly.

Technical data
• Max. descent speed: 2.4 m/s
• Max. installation height: 12.5 or 20.0 m
• Rated application weight: min. 20 kg max. 130 kg
• Material: Casing in cast aluminium, line: Nylon-Spectral Webbing
• Dimensions: 380 mm x 320 mm x 216 mm
• Weight: 19.3 kg

QUICKjump - free fall device
QUICKjump - free fall device
art. no.: 08110 price per item: € 3.475,00

QUICKjump Länge 12m: 3.475,00 €

QUICKjump Länge 20m: 4.195,00 €

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