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zipSTOP - braking system

The REDROCK ZIPSTOP was specially designed for ziplines. It reduces the
speed on rope slides securely and automatically via a touch-free magnetic
brake. It automatically adapts the braking resistance to the weight of the
person on the rope slide and brakes the person precisely even at high

• Gentle control of the speed
• Exact stop at the end of the zipline
• Regardless of the speed and weight of the person on the zipline
• Extreme flexibility in zipline design and construction
• Low maintenance and service costs
• Minimises risks thanks to self-regulating braking system
• Pace-setter automatically returns to starting position after every use
• Independent of environmental influences allowing rope slide to be operated
in all kinds of weather

Technical information
• Max. line expansion: 12.5 m
• Top speeds: 1:1 reduction ratio: 36 km/h; 2:1
Reduction ratio: 60 km/h; Customer-specific ratio: 60+ km/h (higher
speeds can be used in customer-specific reduction ratios, the braking
distances however are longer. When planning a customer-specific ratio
it should be noted that the automatic line return could be hindered
which would make automatic line return or an additional return system
• Material: Casing aluminium alloy, inner parts galvanised steel / opening
piece modified acetal-plastic / Strap: Brake line made of 20 mm Spectra
• Participant weight 15 to 150 kg
• Dimensions: 80 x 350 x 140 mm
• Device weight: 23.5 kg

zipSTOP - braking system
zipSTOP - braking system
zipSTOP - braking system
zipSTOP - braking system
zipSTOP - braking system
art. no.: 08111 price per item: € 4.914,00

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