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Mega Ziplines & zipline courses: A guaranteed high-flying experience!

Whether Mega Zpline or Zipline Courses - the ziplines that provide a real high feeling have been around for decades as so-called "canopy trails" in South America. Adapted to European safety standards, quality requirements and economic criteria, we can realise these popular tourist attractions from 15 to 400 metres in length throughout Europe.

Depending on the starting and finishing point and the intended operating concept, there are different technological solutions, ranging from the implementation of individual Mega Ziplines to multi-part Zipline courses or Flying Fox Parks.



Operating concept

Mega Ziplines or Zipline Parks can be operated as a stand-alone profit centre. However, they are also an ideal complement to climbing forests or other leisure facilities. Depending on the orientation, operation can take place at specific opening hours or after prior booking.

Zipline models

Zipline Course

Zipline Course - one step closer to the dream of flying

Zipline Courses consist of several Ziplines of different lengths with climbing elements in between. The Ziplines are various in length and can be adapted to the local terrain. Other attractions such as quick jumps, climbing walls or abseiling spots can be integrated on the starting tower. The thrill of jumping and the pleasure of "flying" are unique!

An easy to use safety system provides speed control and ensures optimum safety for all participants with maximum fun and minimal staffing requirements for the operator. This is made possible by the highest safety standards and the use of an interactive pulley-karabiner system called “smart belay”, which prevent inadvertent complete detachment from the cable.

No particular level of physical fitness is required to participate in the Zipline Park. The speed can be increased or decreased by leaving the platform with more or less momentum. For ziplines which have an excessive height difference between the start and end point, we use cutting-edge technology with an automatic rope brake instead of the participant being braked by the normal cable sag.

Mega Ziplines

Mega Ziplines – the sky is not the limit

Mega Ziplines connect points far apart from each other with steel cables. Customers run the lines with special trollies. Porfound knowledge and high engineering skills are the basics for a reliable and safe running Mega Zipline. There are just a few conpanies worldwide that seriously meet these requirements. With the Swedish company ZIPLINE EUROPE we have found a strong partner to realise these "mega projects". The total picture, targeted consulting and a service that never lets you down - this is faszinatour and ZIPLINE EUROPE.

It is usually advisable to set up several lines in parallel to compensate for the relatively high staffing requirements. Another recipe for success is the combination of suitable attractions such as e. g. a toboggan run, adventure park, children's labyrinth and gastronomy. We would be happy to develop an overall concept with you and check the economic viability.

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Ziplines work well in combination with:

Adventure playgrounds Adventure playgrounds

Little ones want to climb too – even if they haven’t quite reached the minimum height required for the climbing park. Based on the climbing elements designed for grown-ups, children can scamper up to jump height here without the need for an elaborate safety system.

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SkyTrail® SkyTrail®

Nothing works better in busy locations! Over 10 million visitors all over the world experience the thrill of the SkyTrail each year. Exciting, safe and cost-effective.

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