Inclusive courses - for wheelchair-accessible leisure activities!

The subject of inclusive and wheelchair-accessible leisure activities is receiving growing attention and the new services available these days are being met with an outstanding response among wheelchair users and their carers. In order to meet our customers’ demands in this area, in addition to a wheelchair course at floor level, we have also developed a self-belaying system for wheelchair users in the high ropes sector, so that now people with disabilities can master a high ropes course completely independently for the very first time.

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Wheelchair courses work well with:

Zipline courses Zipline courses

Get that bit closer to the dream of flying. Zipline courses are a full-blown trend among visitors and park operators. But that doesn’t come as a surprise! Ziplining was always bound to be this popular – it provides spectacular action for a very broad target group with a simultaneously high throughput rate.

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Team courses Team courses

At schools, education centers and conference sites, or as a logical extension of a climbing park for tourists: no matter where you are, you can always bank on our 30 years of experience to keep you inspired.

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Outstanding projects: Wheelchair courses

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