Net Parks: Big fun at the highest safety level

Net Parks are fully netted facilities. Like our other Adventure Park variants, these can be installed either freestanding on poles or integrated into the natural tree canopy. The design and theme possibilities are nearly limitless. This applies equally indoors as well as outdoors, where open spaces can be optimally utilized through netted climbing modules.

Whether as an addition to existing facilities or as a stand-alone solution, Net Parks cater to the desire for easily accessible and affordable adventure experiences for the whole family, especially for the little ones.

Of particular interest is that Net Parks, certified according to playground standards, can be operated without supervision and without safety equipment. They are highly eligible for funding, and accessibility can be managed, for example, through a turnstile. In times of staff shortages and considering operating costs, this makes them extremely attractive!

Addressing an expanded target audience, short construction times, low maintenance efforts, the elimination of personal protective equipment (PPE), and high user frequency are additional compelling arguments for Net Parks as a meaningful investment in the future.


Features Net Parks

  • Durability and low wear and tear through a special attachment method
  • Easy-to-install modules, high modularity
  • Sustainable wooden construction using materials and manufacturing techniques from carpentry, upholstery, ropemaking, and rope course construction
  • Cost-effective and timely installation and maintenance through comprehensive prefabrication and easy part replacement
  • Access to new target groups through easy accessibility without safety equipment
  • Quick return on investment

Types of Net Parks

Net Course

Net Course - fully netted for maximum safety

Net Courses are fully netted climbing modules reminiscent of a high ropes course. Visitors can engage in individual exercises using the 'net safety' without the need for conventional operational equipment (PPE)."

The fact hat Net Courses are certiyfied according to the playground standard EN 1176 eliminates the need to provide safety equipment. This simultaneously translates to savings in material and personnel costs, resulting in optimized operations.

Net Island

Net Island - enjoying the bouncing fun and making use of open spaces!

Net Islands are so-called 'area nets.' They offer the advantage of uniquely filling unused space, such as under ceilings, between galleries, or even among trees. This construction is particularly suitable for climbing, bouldering, or trampoline halls, but also swimming pools or department stores are conceivable locations. Net Islands complement existing facilities and enhance them by diversifying the leisure offerings. Our Net Islands approach is realized through a trampoline fabric with a collective safety system.

The trampoline fabric solutions earned us the IAPA Innovation Award 2023 at the Vertical Pro trade fair in Friedrichshafen!

Following the leisure trend of 'trampolining,' we developed the product expansion 'Net Island,' which complements high and forest rope parks perfectly. The fabric for these net islands is nearly wear-free and meets all static requirements. Net Islands can be designed in many different forms and combined with additional play options.

The trampoline fabric solutions earned us the IAPA Innovation Award 2023 at the Vertical Pro trade fair in Friedrichshafen!

Net Trail

Net Trail - discovery trip from tree to tree

Net Trails are 'suspension bridge paths' through the natural tree canopy. Visitors explore the trail from platform to platform on netted bridges - with a focus on discovery. Net Trails are a great addition to adventure parks in trees, children's or adventure playgrounds, and other existing tourism attractions.

Analogous to the well-known treetop paths, Net Trails provide the opportunity to move at height on secure terrain. The installation among trees allows visitors to gain an entirely new perspective on nature.

Net Parks work well in combination with:

Adventure Playground Adventure Playground

Also the little ones want to climb, even if they haven't reached the minimum height required for the climbing park yet. Modeled after the climbing elements for the older ones, here, children can play and have fun at jumping height without the need for an elaborate safety system.

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Adventure parks in trees & high ropes courses Adventure parks in trees & high ropes courses

As a complement to existing high ropes courses on poles or adventure parks in trees, Net Parks are suitable for unlocking unused spaces and expanding the target audience of an Adventure Park, thus increasing its attractiveness.

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