Team courses & experiential education: Construction of high ropes courses and low rope elements

High ropes courses and special low rope elements have been used in the hands-on learning sector for decades now. They are the perfect tool for outdoor team building and soft skills trainings and they provide the perfect possibility for employees to work on their communication, social behavior, self-confidence, team building, management training and problem-solving skills.

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Here at faszinatour, we have been using adventure learning ropes courses in the B2B sector since 1986 – with a great track record. We have received glowing reports from park operators, conference/seminar/congress hotels and training centers, as well as schools, universities and clinics, all of whom attest to the competitive advantages and excellent media impact to be gained from these activities.


Operating concept

High ropes courses for hands-on learning differ from other courses in that tailored programs are provided for specific target groups by advance booking rather than during set opening hours.

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Types of experiential learning ropes courses

Team towers & high ropes courses for experiential learning

Team towers & high ropes courses for experiential learning – perfectly tailored to your needs

From compact designs like the team tower, to expansive high ropes courses for hands-on learning, we boast a wide range of credentials in this particular area. No park is the same as any other. And for good reason! Because when we’re designing adventure learning parks, it is essential to ensure that the facilities are perfectly tailored to the target groups and the specific applications. Simply put, it all has to make sense and fit in with the planned programs. And ultimately, it must be profitable!

Low ropes courses for experiential learning

Low ropes courses for experiential learning – overcoming boundaries & promoting togetherness

Low rope elements for experiential learning are perfect for programs that are designed to help people overcome their boundaries or develop a sense of togetherness. They can be used individually or extended one after the other in a logical course for different applications.

All the modules are located close to the ground so they usually incorporate a passive safety mechanism called “spotting”.

Team courses work well with:

Zipline courses Zipline courses

Get that bit closer to the dream of flying. Zipline courses are a full-blown trend among visitors and park operators. But that doesn’t come as a surprise! Ziplining was always bound to be this popular – it provides spectacular action for a very broad target group with a simultaneously high throughput rate.

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Wheelchair courses Wheelchair courses

Expand your target group and create a practical USP for your park with our award-winning “climbing course” for people with disabilities. Winner of the Bayerischer Miteinanderpreis 2014 (Bavarian inclusivity prize).

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