High Ropes Park in Levi, Finland Year of construction 2017

In a construction time of only three weeks, an extraordinary high ropes park on 40 poles was built in the Finnish skiresort Levi. All under the motto Christmas, over 5000 meters of steel ropes were installed; 90 climbing elements with a total length of 1.4 km and a separate zipline marathon parcours of 1000 meters are a real highlight for the winter as well as the summer season. Thanks to the special illumination the park can also be accessed in the long Finnish winter nights.

As is well known, Santa Clause is from Finland and that's why, at the special request of the operator, there was also built a traditional walk-in Santa Clause theme hut at 10 meters hight, integrated in the zipline marathon parcours.

For a perfect combination with the skiresort's other offers, guests start off and finish directly at the resort's gastronomy terrace.

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Special features

  • "Santa Clause" theme
  • 1000 meters marathon zipline parcours
  • 4.5 km total length of parcours (without marathon parcours)
  • walk-in Santa Clause hut at 10 meters hight
  • high-pressure debarked and especially impregnated Douglas fir poles for maximum weather resistance


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