High Ropes Course Grafenwöhr Year of construction 2012

Right next to the new seminar center of the US garrison in Grafenwöhr we built a multifunctional high ropes course.

The touristic part of the high ropes course has 32 poles of up to 14 meters hight and two huge central platforms (each 50 square meters). It is mainly meant for the families of the soldiers who are stationed there. Here climbers can move over 55 elements on different hights and difficulty levels. 5 ziplines with a total length of about 250 meters finally lead the climber safely back to the ground.

Additionally 7 poles were installed on which a special high ropes course for adventure-based learning was built. Here, in Grafenwöhr stationed soldiers and also soldiers returning from missions abroad can pass special training programmes.

Special features

  • multifunctional high ropes course
  • special focus on adventure-based learning


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92655 Grafenwöhr


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