Detect and successfully treat rot in poles

Good news: Poles damaged by rot, which previously had to be replaced, can now be saved in many cases with a special process.

Because we think this is great, we are working with Fürstenberg-THP GmbH, an impregnation company with many years of experience in wood preservation. Their Inside Fume® process is used both as a preventive measure and as an aftercare for freely weathered poles and wooden components.


How does Inside Fume® work?

  1. With the help of bore resistance measurements, poles are examined for rot and the severity of the infestation is determined. If treatment is possible, a tailor-made treatment plan is drawn up. A timber expert is consulted for structural clarification.
  2. Inside Fume® - a pourable granulate - is filled into the boreholes where it unfolds its full protective effect in a gaseous state to kill fungi.
  3. The boreholes are sealed with waterproof special plugs.


    All work carried out, such as the evaluation of the drilling resistance measurements and photographs of the treated components, are summarised in a documentation - so the effectiveness of the treatment can be monitored in a meaningful way.

    Fürstenberg THP gives an eight-year guarantee on the application and a repetition is necessary after this period at the earliest.



    The advantages

    • Decay is sustainably combated
    • Enormous cost savings
    • Proven effectiveness for at least 8 years
    • Approved product according to European biocide law
    • Preventive wood protection for unimpregnated wooden components


    Preserve your high ropes course and act now!

    The process is ideally suited for the preventive protection of non-impregnated wooden components. And for operators of older facilities, treatment with Inside Fume® is a perfect alternative to the costly replacement of entire logs.

    Interested? Feel free to contact us at 08323 9656-26.


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