Training & technical instruction for employees in the ropes course industry

Changes in staff and new technical developments are a yearly occurrence in the ropes course industry. Stay on top of all the latest developments in facility safety and safety technology with our faszinatour training courses, which are always backed up with first-rate training documents and require minimal investment in terms of time and money.

As well as providing training to allow your staff to operate and supervise your facilities, we also offer a number of technical courses that will enable you to carry out many kinds of maintenance and repair work without the need for outside help. Thanks to the wealth of experience we have gained over the years, our involvement in the development of safety equipment, and our close cooperation and further training with manufacturers, we are able to offer the following technical training courses for you and your employees:

Exclusive on-site training – “in-house” courses.

ERCA Refresher Training

All ERCA Certificates are vaild for 3 years. This advanced training is therefore aimed to all ropes course trainers who want to extend their certificate and stay up to date with new rules, equipments etc.

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Top-Rope Trainer

Top-Rope Trainer for Ropes Courses in Trees and High Ropes Courses

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Annual training for your staff

Annual training for your staff according to section 4 of the accident prevention directive governing "the principles of prevention”.

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Park technician training

Park technicians provide assistance for ropes course operators, helping them check the facility safely with the right attention to detail, as well as to carry out minor maintenance and repair work independently.

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Professional PPE training

Professional PPE training according to BGG 906/DGUV 312-906. According to the DIN EN 15567 standard, all PPE products and accompanying documentation must be inspected on an annual basis.

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Professional ALF training

This professional ALF training is offered exclusively by our inspection specialist Thomas Gradl.

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Basic Course: Smart Belay® – Service

This basic course entitles you to independently adjust the Bowden cable on the Edelrid Smart Belay®.

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Inspection, maintenance & repairs
Besides the annual inspection service we focus on personal consultation and fast, effective and efficient solutions "in-house" for all individual issues!
Supplies & replacement parts
faszinatour is closely involved in the development of safety equipment. Benefit from our partnerships and our wealth of experience when you purchase your supplies.
Safety systems for recreational facilities
There can be no compromises when it comes to safety. That’s why choosing the right safety system is crucial for the success of your ropes course.