TiLu Adventure Forest - a dream comes true

The exciting story behind the TiLu Adventure Forest: An adventure park for dreaming and experiencing

Welcome to the TiLu Adventure Forest! In this article, we would like to tell you the fascinating story behind one of our newest projects, which contains all the elements of a good story: passion, determination, and the courage to realize dreams. From the climbing forest in northern Germany to the breathtaking nature of the Palatinate Forest – learn how the TiLu Adventure Forest came into being and what adventures await its visitors!


The spark of enthusiasm

The story of the TiLu Adventure Forest begins in a picturesque climbing forest in northern Germany. Timo and Lukas worked there as trainers and discovered their passion for climbing. With their expertise and experience, they worked their way up to the management. During this time, they grew the desire to open their own climbing park and share the unique feeling with other adventure seekers.


    In search of the perfect location

    With this dream in their hearts, an adventurous journey began. Timo and Lukas set off in their camper to find the ideal location for their climbing park. For months they were on the road always in search of the perfect location to realize their project. 

    The discovery in the Palatinate Forest

    On a cold November day in the Palatinate Forest, Timo and Lukas came across an abandoned climbing forest that had been closed for almost three years. Although the facility was in a desolate state, they recognized its potential and felt the spark of enthusiasm once again. Unimpressed by the challenges, they decided to acquire the 80,000 square meter area in February 2022. 

    Realizing the dream

    With courage, determination, and support from family and friends, Timo and Lukas made the seemingly impossible possible. Within just eight weeks, with strong support and expertise from faszinatour Adventure Park Solutions, they transformed the neglected climbing forest into the TiLu Adventure Forest. On April 29th, 2022 it was finally time – the gates opened for adventure enthusiasts from near and far. 



    A rewarding adventure

    The journey to self-employment was not always easy, but every moment was worth it. Day after day Timo and Lukas see the beaming faces of their guests who experience unforgettable adventures with them. Together with their dedicated team, they create an atmosphere where their guests can recover from everyday life. In TiLu Adventure Forest heart’s blood, passion and a lot of fun come together to offer visitors an incomparable break. 

    To offer even more to their guests, Timo and Lukas are expanding their climbing park in 2023 by adding a 16-meter high "base jump" - the ultimate adrenaline rush!

    The TiLu Adventure Forest is the result of Timo’s and Lukas’ passion for climbing and their vision to enable other people to have unforgettable adventures. From their beginnings in a northern German climbing forest to their opening in the Palatinate Forest, they have distinguished themselves through courage and determination. Visitors are warmly invited to become part of this story and experience for themselves the fascination of TiLu Adventure Forest. A wonderful project that has brought us great joy as well and will remain in our memory for a long time!


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