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Smart Belay X


The Smart Belay X is an enhanced version of our legendary Smart Belay—now with innovative magnetic technology for continuous safety and maximum freedom of movement on your high ropes course.

The communicating, interconnected pulley carabiners form the heart of the Smart Belay. If one of the carabiners is opened, the other carabiner's opening mechanism is automatically blocked. A new feature is the magnetic locking mechanism—the Smart Belay's opening mechanism is only released by an integrated magnet after contact with the steel cable. It is impossible for the system to be completely disengaged without additional tools. The advantage: more safety for visitors, less risk for operators.

Like its predecessor, the new Smart Belay X can be easily installed in all existing adventure parks without the need for costly modifications. Even moving or vertical sections can be easily traversed and, thanks to the modular design, the system can be adapted to all common safety cable heights.

The Smart Belay X allows customers to climb on their own and is even easy for children to use thanks to its outstanding geometry and intuitive handling. Overtaking is also simple, thus avoiding annoying bottlenecks with long waiting times.

The steel pulleys integrated into the carabiner are a further advantage. These are designed for use on zip lines and replace the double pulley. The integrated Pilot Bar minimizes the risk of strangulation and can be used to steer direction and hold on to on zip lines or difficult course elements.

An integrated RFID transponder enables fast registration and effective management—an invaluable advantage not only in the rental business. For example, it is possible to monitor usage cycles and/or the product's PPE status. This not only saves both time and money but also increases safety in the rental business.

We offer the Smart Belay X as following sets:


Set 1) for adults, with tie in loop S (=20cm), Pilot Bar, Holster, Conecto

Set 2) for children & teens, with tie in loop M (=35cm), Pilot Bar, Holster, Conecto

Set 3) for adults, with tie in loop M (=35cm), Pilot Bar, Holster, Conecto Swivel

Set 4) for children & teens, with tie in loop M (=35cm), Pilot Bar, Holster, Conecto Swivel


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Smart Belay X
Smart Belay X
Smart Belay X
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