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Outdooractive - these possibilities are offered by the outdoor platform for your plant.
What options do I have?

Outdooractive offers various options for presenting your facility to the outside world and actively promoting it. Since Outdooractive, just like faszinatour, is based in Immenstadt, we are neighbors working in the same industry. We at faszinatour also take advantage of the opportunities offered by Outdooractive to present our rafting and canyoning offers in Tyrol.
About Outdooractive

What is Outdooractive?

Outdooractive is the largest online outdoor platform in Europe with a focus on a wide variety of outdoor activities. From Sunday strolls to big alpine adventures, you can find almost any sport in all difficulties. In addition to points of interest, such as accommodations, restaurants or viewpoints, ropes courses and adventure parks can also be entered there.

How does Outdooractive work?

Outdooractive supports the user in finding a suitable outdoor activity. They can search for specific offers and tours or "scan" the surroundings to discover activities in the immediate vicinity.

Who uses Outdooractive?

In addition to mountain sports enthusiasts and active vacationers, Outdooractive is used by families and day tourists. The interactive maps offer many possibilities to orient oneself in the surroundings and to find suitable activities.  

The implementation

Outdooractive offers a wide range of possible uses for operators of ropes courses and other adventure parks.

POI (Point of Interest) entry using the ropes course as an example

To make a ropes course visible on Outdooractive maps, it must be entered as a POI. Such a point of interest can be created via a faszinatour database access or your own licensed access, in our example under the category "Ropes Course". This information is displayed platform-wide via Outdooractive itself and additionally via channels such as www.alpenvereinaktiv.com or, for example, on websites of destinations that use Outdooractive's technology.

Your adventure park as a tour

Just like a hiking route, for example, a ropes course can also be entered as a tour. All you have to do is create this tour (e.g. with GPX track, pictures, descriptions and directions) as a free user.

Outdooractive as an offer portal

In order to present an adventure park as an offer in addition to these options, a business or supplier account is required. Such an account can be used to link directly to the user's own website or to a booking portal that is already in use.

Promoting events

Events can also be created and advertised via such a licensed database account. The following information must be entered: location, description, pictures, date & duration, as well as costs and parking options.

For a one-time aggregation fee (paid content aggregation), an event can also be entered by Outdooractive without an own account. Costs for the digitization of an event: EUR 250,-.

Your contact at Outdooractive

If an adventure park is to be entered in full (POIs, event, ...) on your own, a separate database access from Outdooractive is required.


Benedikt Wachter
Account Manager Outdooractive GmbH

Tel.  +49 8323 8006 209
Mob.+49 151 12252348

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