Adventure Park Travemünde Year of construction 2022

At the beginning of the year, our construction team went to the other end of Germany, almost as far away as possible, to Travemünde, where a climbing park was to be built to upgrade the town and further improve the leisure facilities. Despite the most adverse weather conditions with a lot of wind, freezing cold and rain, our team managed to completely build the Adventure Park in only ten days. It is a family-friendly climbing park iinstalled between trees with seven different courses and a total of over 60 individual elements. As a special thrill, visitors can "fly" a complete lap around the park on seven ziplines and dare the "base jump" from a height of 10 metres.

The climbing fun takes place at different heights between very old trees. All platforms and other fixtures were designed to be deconstructable and do not interfere with the natural tree growth. Clearly defined entrances and exits ensure that the entire undergrowth remains untouched by encroachment over a large part of the area, and to protect a neighbouring grey heron colony, operating hours are seasonally restricted.

The official opening of the park will take place in May 2022.


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23570, Travemünde
Kowitzberg 3